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Welcome to MYThinz Online Shop

We will be away on holiday from the 9th April to the 18th April.
Our London agent will be posting the orders out every 2nd day.

My Thinz Online Store 

Our dispatch office has been temporarily moved to London between the 
9th April to the 18th April.
The delay can be due to heavier processing loads in the capital.
Not our lack of service


We do not sell THINZ /EETLESS or NOBESE
We sell our own product called Mythinz   
"MYTHINZ Appetite Suppressant" 
If you, not a Gym Junkie:  Then this is for you. 
See the weight drop off as you go. You will have no appetite.
but when you eat. make sure its healthy and not junk food. and drink lots of water. 
If I can do it so can you. 
Lost 7kg in 3 weeks

The best slimming product on the market. My Thinz
You need only one to know it works So buy a trial pack today.