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Exfoliating Peel Feet Foot Mask Baby Renewal Soft Remove Dead Skin Aloe Vera

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Exfoliating Peel Feet Foot Mask Baby Renewal Soft Remove Dead Skin Aloe Vera Summary

Exfoliating Peel Feet Foot Mask Baby Renewal Soft Remove Dead Skin Aloe Vera 

Single size socks that will fit up to size 11(UK) or 46(EU)
Product description:

Our exfoliating foot mask targets the dead skin cells on your feet that have built up over time.

 The formula itself contains various natural extracts to gently exfoliate your feet leaving them nice and smooth once the process is complete!

 The mask is great for those that suffer from hard skin on their feet, but also those that suffer from other foot related problems like unpleasant odor, athletes foot, and poor peripheral blood circulation. 


How to use:

To start you need to ensure that your feet are completely clean, so its best to do this after a bath or shower.

In the BAG you receive a pair of plastic booties, which you need to cut the top off and slip onto your feet.

They are fairly generous in size, so suitable for almost all regular feet sizes.

The exfoliating solution is already in the boot, so this is not a messy treatment to apply.

Secure it in place when you wrap the plastic boot to fit around the top of your ankle.

To ensure that they stay in place and to enable you to go about as normal while you wait for the mask to do its work, you can wear pair socks over the top.

Leave on feet for 1.5 - 2 hours while watching some TV, do some housework, read a book etc... Then remove the plastic boots and rinse the solution from your feet.

Dry your feet with a cotton towel.

Your foot dead skin will begin to come off after about 5-7 days.


The effects will depend on the condition of your feet skin.
The exfoliating process usually begins after 5-10 days from application and may last for the period of around 2 weeks.

Its intensity is individual and depends on the initial condition of your skin.

It will also manifest in various forms – from a gentle peel to an intensive exfoliation of large skin flakes.

It is a natural process, safe for health and it should not raise any concerns.

Peeling skin gradually unveils new and silky smooth epidermis.

Designed for single use only.

Thank you for your purchase!
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