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Ingredient   Strength   Method of action
Senna   50mg   Laxative
Psyllium   100mg   Laxative of fiber origin
Aloe Ferrox Leaf   20mg   Laxative
Caffeine   45mg   Stimulant
Citrus Aurantium   30mg   Appetite suppressant
Enzyme Blend   10mg   Laxative, assists with digestion
One dragee at 11am and one at 4pm, with 2 full glasses of water
Note: The water is very important as it will stimulate the Psyllium and give you a feeling of "fullness" quicker
You can safely increase the dosage as much as you like until you get the desired effect - However you may feel over energized which could result in not being able to sleep.
Rule #1: Eat smaller meals through out day.
Ideally, try to eat every 3- 31/2 hours of a smaller meal everyday. Not only will you feel less hungry but it will help boost your metabolism by constantly supplying your body with the adequate amount of “energy.” Stay away from eating 3 larger meals and start eating smaller meals through out the day.
Rule#2: Consume enough high quality protein every day.
Protein (such as chicken) has a high thermic effect than carbs and fat. What does it mean to you? Your body has to burn extra calories to break down your protein into smaller amino acids. Plus, it will keep you satisfied a lot longer compared to carbs. In addition, protein is needed to build and maintain lean muscle. 
Avoid animal protein (including eggs for first 2 weeks)
Rule#3: Consume 25-35 grams of fiber a day
Your carbohydrates should be mostly high fiber foods such as vegetables, fruit, and high fiber unrefined grains. Fiber in your food absorbs water causing it to expand in your stomach and therefore making you feel more satisfied for a longer time. In addition, high fiber food will also control your blood sugar level; therefore, allowing you to release more body fat. 
(Oat meal fibre blend in super markets – teaspoon on morning breakfast and even on fruit salad in the day)
Rule#4: Avoid refined sugars and refined grains.
One of the biggest reasons why we are so overweight is because of the amount of sugar intake that we consume every year (Yes. That means to put your COKE down). High sugary food/drink intake can cause your blood sugar to spike up causing you body to stop producing another hormone called glucagon. Glucagon is a releasing hormone that is responsible for releasing body fat to be utilized as energy. However, when you consume too much sugar, your glucagon production is discontinued.
Rule#5: Consume an adequate amount of fat.
Healthy fat, such as nuts and seeds, nut butters, olive oil, organic meats and eggs (NB 2 week ban), virgin coconut oil, and avocados. Depleting yourself with the healthy fat can negatively affect your hormone levels that will only result to more cravings. 
In addition, you want to limit the unhealthy fat (saturated fat) such as butter, margarine, and the fat around your steak.
Rule#6: Keep yourself hydrated all day;
It is crucial to keep yourself hydrated. Try to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Number one rule in regards to water: If you are thirsty, you are also dehydrated. Do NOT wait until you are thirsty. 
In each meal, consume a lean protein (i.e chicken breast), Starch Carbs (i.e brown rice), and fibrous carbs (i.e. broccoli).
Lean Proteins
Eggs Whites Chicken breast Tuna Shrimp Grouper Mahi-mahi Cod Salmon Swordfish Lobster Shellfish Sushi/ sashimi Halibut Marlin Cobia Wahoo Tofu (Soy)
Starchy Carbs
Potato Cream of Rice Cereal Corn Brown rice Tomato Jasmine Rice Sweet potato Basmati rice Peas Couscous Oatmeal Corn tortillas
Fibrous Carbs
Broccoli Onions Cauliflower Asparagus Carrots Spinach Green peppers String beans Yellow peppers Cucumbers Red peppers Celery Mushrooms Jerusalem artichoke
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After they band thinz we all had no choice but to buy there. and yes im still using them. they just as good as the mythinz. and they are healthier thanks kim
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