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MyThinz Appetite Suppressant capsules are not suitable for:

• Pregnant or breast feeding women
• People with cardiac problems
• Insomnia
• High blood pressure
• Kidney or liver disease
• Thyroid disease
• Diabetes
• Any form of gastric problem
• Prostate problems including difficulty in urinating
• Turrets Syndrome
• Sufferers of depression or bipolar disorder
• Anorexia or those of a nervous disposition
• Not suitable for people with anxiety, psychosis or other mental illness.

We based in the UK
But post all over the world

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Hi Trish & Julian

I just wanted to drop an e-mail to tell you I think your product MYTHINZ 60mg
is amazing. I am just about finished my second month of capsules & have currently lost 44lbs 😀, I honestly couldn't be happier. I have just ordered another batch to continue on this amazing weight loss journey. I just wanted to say thank you & keep up the good work.   
Many Thanks

Just received from one of my happy customers. She prefers to stay anonymous. She calls her photo. "In Progress"