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What is MYTHINZ ?

What is MyThinz 
Trish sounds very agrivated on the clip. but she does explain the difference between the tablets. We will make one soon. 

I get this question asked so many times a day.
So I have now created a page to tell you what it is
MyThinz Is the best slimming product on the market
its an Appetite suppressant that takes your appetite away

If you know the old product called THINZ.
Then you will know my product

We do not sell THINZ

We sell our own product called:  "MYTHINZ Appetite Suppressant"

We started in 2006 selling the original THINZ
But as we all know THINZ was banned in April 2008 and no longer available. 
To Cut a long story short. 
We now have our own product called MyThinz Appetite Suppressant. 
Our product works on the same bases as what THINZ use. 

We set out to find a similar product but without the harmful ingredient. 

According to our regular customers,
MyThinz is a much better product than the original THINZ. 

Mythinz is ultra high potency formulation containing the Citrus Aurantium (whole); Caffeine Anhydrous; Phenylethylamine; Guarana; Green Tea 40% Extract; N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine; Magnesium Stearate.
Please note that this is a laboratory tested, the non-prescription item which contains no controlled or banned substances whatsoever for your absolute safety.

All our feedback is genuine and comes from real customers. 
Our new website is

If I can do it so can you. 
Lost 7kg in 3 weeks
All our feedback is genuine and comes from real customers. 
Our new website is