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Hi, I need to lose about 10 kg in 5 weeks. I know it’s impossible but was wondering if you have any suggestions on what would be best to shift as much before I go home for a wedding.


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I think if you take the MYTHINZ 60mg
and eat correctly
cut out all bread cake anything that is white. and eat healthy
like chicken and salads or green veg.

we only put on weight if we eat more than what we need and burn off in the day.
stay away from any kind of fries. the sad thing is we all know what to eat. but we get so tempted by all these fast foods. there were no fat people in the concentration camps. WHY. because they had no food. 

I feel for you we all have the same problem. I have no idea how old you are. but are you really overweight? 

most of us have a bad self-image. you man is happy with you. is he not? 

my product. take your appetite away. and helps you to control your intake. 

the rest you must do. if you keep eating the wrong food our product will not help you.

take care and good luck

hi  Julian
Just wanted to know do I take MyThinz before or after breakfast? Thanks Adri

Morning Adri
if this is the first time you taking my product.
Please take it after breakfast
on the second day take it before breakfast. If you find it too strong the second day. Then go back to taking it after breakfast
Hi Julian;

Morning Trish
Just wanted to let you know that my parcel arrived yesterday, thank you!
Have a great day

Hi Shannon
Thanks for the up date and the best of luck with loosing those extra kilos
Remember drink lots of water, it helps to flush and thus cleanse the system
Also a bit of exercise helps a lot and you will have the energy to do it to
Besides burning calories it creates eendorphin which make you feel on top of your game
Once again good luck and let me know how you getting on
Thanks Julian

Hi Julian
Excellent advice and I can say that I’m doing 1 out of 2 (got a gym membership all sorted out and started last week), I need to drink more water though I think, might add some lemon juice to it to give it some taste. 🙂
Thanks again for everything and I’ll keep you posted on how I’m getting on.
Have a great evening.
Take care

Hi Trish
I am so sorry I have not responded in time, I received my pills and I am so delighted I started using them straight away and they just do what I expected or needed
I’m so grateful, thank you very much.
Do you post to Mzansi I want to buy them for my daughter
Thanks you so much

Hi I just ordered my next batch of your amazing product!
MyThinz 60mg x120, it works so well, I told all my friends and half of the shipment is for them.
Thank you so much, finally something that works!!!! I did get a bit of a head rush with the first pill, but if that didn’t happen, I would have though it was fake pills. But no side effects since, only amazing results. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Please also send this next batch as you always do. – It made things with customs so much easier.
Again, thank you! Jacob

Hi Trish
thanks just got my second bottle of Leanor Drops today. I’m as happy, already lost 10kg. You must be the best x SA seller on the Internet. Pity you don’t sell grand-pa anymore. Love that stuff. 🙂 Sally
goes to this link:
or just click on here to buy

Good morning I just had to write to thank you. I ordered the wrong product. But as I live in Amsterdam it would have been too expensive to post back to you. So we left it there and you said I must just try it. Well I could not believe my eyes when the postman gave me another parcel this morning with mythinz+fat burner in it. You are one in a million. There are not many of you that are for sure. Thanks again for your wonderful and fast service. Brigitte
Hello there I FINALLY got my parcel, thank you so much. Always looking forward to see what you wrap around the pill bottle; this time the yellow socks caught me unaware…was unique!!! Much appreciated, since winter is in full swing here. Still not smoking and still losing weight, thanks to you!! Have a wonderful week, till I order again….:) These (Somerset-East, South Africa) Mythinz 50mg + fat Burner

Hi Ayahs
How do you find the Leanor drops?
Back in the day I never used it so I cant compare it to anything.
Please get back to me. Thanks and have a great day.
Trish ox

go to this link
or just click on here to buy
Leanor drops (30ml) Leanor drops for weight loss and slimming,
Contains d-Norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride as its active ingredient.

Hi Trish find the Leanor drops really good, I put a few drops in a bottle of water and sip it all day.
So the effect lasts all day ox

I have been using the thinz+fat burner for about 3 weeks and it really seems to work. It is really helping me stick with part meal replacement shakes (very low calorie). Thanks, I’ll stick to what I’m doing now then, I have not had a shred of junk for about 4 weeks and cut down calories dramatically as a result of just not feeling hungry and I’ve almost lost 1 Stone! Delighted, now after about another 2 stone if possible. I know the 1st always flies off and is relatively easy, now I expect it to be hard. I’ll order more now. J

Morning Julian
I must thank you for telling me about the MyThinz 50mg +fat
burner. I fist thought it was two capsules. But very please it was
a combo in one capsule. I can’t believe how powerful this little
tab is. I have No appetite and yes it does not give you that buzz
but it does give you that desire to fix and sort out things. I now
have a wonderfully neat cupboard and very tidy flat.
My weight is dropping by the day. Thanks you are still the best. Julia

Thanks Julian got the MyThinz 50mg +fat burner pills today. And yes, I am def going to stop smoking this time around, I have enough pills to make me hate cagiest for a month. I swear to you, its the truth, it tastes to bad, it physically make you nauseous when you try to smoke.
Esp. in the morning and afternoon. Probably when the pill is working at its best. Hand yes, “I have lost 3,5KG too”. The anti smoking effect is a real bonus!!! Theresa

MyThinz 50mg + Fat burn
Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the above.
I ordered a sample of Mythinz + Fat burns and am very impressed and am about to place another order. They are great cause they don’t give the ‘high and spaced out’ feeling that the ordinary Thinz do.
Thanks Tracy

my god, I cannot believe I have not eaten anything since I took the Mythinz 50mg +fat burner pill. Going to make some supper now, but I really don’t feel that hungry. First time, since Christmas. Have just been stuffing my bloody face and did not care what I ate. Thank u solos much. Axe

Morning Trisha Very impressed with your new MyThinz 50mg+fat burner. Do you know I find these more like the old original thinz? Could just be me. But I love it. No rush and uncomfortable feeling. And yes takes my appetite away completely. I love it. Hope you will stock this all the time Thanks again and have a good Xmas and new year. Sheila
I used to live in South Africa and used both Obese and Eetless. Having purchased MyThinz, I am delighted to find they have an appetite. Suppressant, which is something, I need. However, I found them a bit strong, even though I only took a half capsule. That night I couldn’t sleep. Which is the lightest of your products? I should appreciate an early reply as I am only in the UK until the 15th and wish to purchase before I leave. Thanks; look forward to your reply. Sue

Hi Julian
I was amazed when I browsed your competitors website and found that she is charging almost double for thinz, now spelt thins!!!! So glad to be a supporter of your products. Why don’t you mention on your website that your prices are stable and do not increase randomly. Have a good weekend. Gratefully Chandelle
Just a quick one to say how much I LOVE your product, vie used allot of different products most of which fail to deliver the results, just had a break over the Xmas period and unlike other pills I managed Well just come back from holiday and I feel so down again because I put on so much weight. To stay on an even keel! Just placed my order to kick-start my new fitness and diet plan which without your product wouldn’t be achievable, thank you Amanda 🙂

Thanks again for your brilliant service. You are still the best Carol Matthew
Well just come back from holiday and I feel so down AGAIN because I put on so much weight. Ayahs
I saw you on you tube and you look great. I am trying to loose about 20 pounds. I was wondering if you could send to the United States??

November 18 at 1:49pm this 60mg MyThinz is strong. Loll my god I haven’t eaten a thing all day! Although I really need to! I just cant loll xxxxxxx
November 18 at 9:06pm I ate one meal today with the boys…. some trout and salad and some carrot and Swede mash, but couldn’t finish it loll. Just been drinking water don’t even feel like coffee which isn’t like me at all loll xxxxxx Ayahs

November 19 at 7:51am Hi Trish, the brown tablets, how many do I take, and what’s in them lolxxxxxxxxxx T
November 19 at 7:57am Take just one Its the MyThinz green tea 50mg xxxxxxxxx Our product is not a miracle tablet that melts the weight away. It takes your appetite away. If you find the 60mg too strong try the 50mg I find it works better for me. One tablet is enough to let you know it works

From: Emma To: Subject: You’ve got feedback Comments: hello, I am returning to use Mythinz after a short break and have noticed you now sell green tea extract, what are the benefits of this over using your standard product? I am going to buy either the green tea or the standard tomorrow but was curious about the new product. Thanks
Morning Just like the old original products they are all different and work differently on different people. That is why I have the trail packs. You have to choose what you think is best for you. We are all

To: Subject: MYNOBESE 50mg. New batch Hey Trish I hope you’you’ve had a like weekend, I took the MYNOBESE 50MG yesterday and it worked fantastic, you right I could hardly eat loll. And I had to go for supper round my neighbors house, just couldn’t eat it all felt a bit rude LOL Will order these when you get them in. Aye

To: Subject: MYTHINZ 60mg. New batch Hi Trish, took one of the new tabs at 7 this morning, they are Fantastic! Given me lots of energy loll x Ayahs Wilson

To: Subject: MYTHINZ GREEN TEA 50mg. New batch Morning Just letting you know that I went back on the tabs- the Green tea ones works best! No side effects, control appetite & they are THE BUSINESS! Are these the ones you no longer do_ if they are the ones that you said your customers begged you to bring back I can understand why- can you? Lorain

To: Subject: MYTHINZ 60mg. New batch Hi there I am so happy all is back to normal again. I was just getting a bit fed-up. Took my first tab yesterday of the new batch and they are brilliant. Thanks again, and have a great holiday. Just placed my order for x60. Don’t want to run out. Thanks again Carol

To: Subject: MYTHINZ 50mg green tea Morning Thank you, thank you, thanks you…. For bringing back the MyThinz 50mg green tea. They are great. Thanks. Put my order in last night Colleen Hi thanks just got the “Ten Calorie ONION Soup” its great. Thanks for telling me about it. Goes well with the MyThinz. Will try the others when this is done thanks again carat

To: Subject: You the best. Hi Trisha Wow your new tabs are great. Talking about the MyThinz 60mg I just have to keep reminding myself to drink lots of water. But thanks again man. You are a star. Don’t know what we would have done without you. All the best Mel

Hi I have used both. The MyThinz late 30mg and the MyThinz 60mg. I have ordered from you before, I just changed my address so you might not recognize me for that reason 🙂 I have learned that is easier to use MyThinz late 30mg ones cause I can adjust them better with my schedules. I still have some 60mg left if I need them but thanks for asking, I appreciate it. Thanks for the very fast delivery too 🙂 Ail MYEETLESS

Hi Trish, just want to say, yet again, an excellent service I’ve had with you & I would recommend you highly. I ordered MYEETLESS yesterday (24th May) & received them next day delivery as promised!! I was able to take one this morning & I have to say, they certainly work for me. I still haven’t had a hunger pain & it is now 4pm. It has also given me a tremendous amount of energy, considering the weather has been so hot today, as normally I would just want to sit down & do nothing in this heat. I highly recommend MYEETLESS!!!!!! 100% Posted by Sharon T Subject: Great Product Hi, Just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with my trial pack of MyThinz and have ordered more. I’d be more than happy to let others know about your product if you’d like me to – on Facebook and Twitter (I am part of Twitter Elite in Surrey, UK) etc It’s great to find an effective tablet after Thinz Originals became unavailable. Kind regards Mandy Loppers ********

Hi I apologies for not getting back to you sooner but all the ads lines were down today in job!!! Thank you for doing this yes put them together and send it registered. I did just get the last one so I am sure there won’t be a problem. If there are any extra costs, I would be happy to pick them up. I have 4 sisters, all which order through me. We (3 of us) have all studied part time and we find that it gives us energy and extra concentration levels. Between the 5 of us we have 7 degrees, 1 PHD and I am busy with my doctorate on inter-cranial therapy! Please tell Trisha she can’t stop until I have finished my doctorate, and yes it helps with the weight.

First name: Glints Wow is all I can say – I bought MyThinz thinking this is just another con like the rest of the diet pills out there. But was I mistaken, after 3 babies I had put on loads of weight and was battling to get it off. I tried every diet pill on the market, never mind diets but nothing worked. After the first day I went off food – I would eat a small breakfast and not eat until late afternoon, my portion of food has decreased and more energy than I know what to do. So I have started running and feeling so much healthier and better for it. Side effects – none (only a small amount of shaking in the hands but nothing to comment on) thank you so much, I will definitely be buying some more soon! Your MYTHINZ pills are just as good as the SA ones, so no complaints there!!! They are spot on honestly and I have already lost weight I can feel it! I have placed another order.

Thanks Audrey Date: 6/1/2009 12:36:18 PM To: Patricia easel Subject: You’ve got feedback

Hi Trish thanks I tried the Mythinz. And I am very happy with the results. Will buy the x30 today Thanks again Beth

Re: You’ve got feedback Q. Hi there we looked at your new product, is it as effective as the original? Will we get the same results? And can you also please tell me whether you are going to be able to send your product to Greece. That is were we are right now. Thank you for the help. L A. If you want to buy one of my products Buy the MyThinz 60mg. It’s the best. But everybody is different. Some say it too strong. But this is the best for me.

Subject: MyThinz Late Hi Trisha, I ordered MyThinz at the beginning of April and they are fantastic! Thank you so much! Regards Lesley

Subject: RE: You’ve got feedback Hi Trish…. I just wanted to let you know that I received the MyThinz, and I am so impressed! As you know I am constantly harassing you for the original thinz…but you have managed to make something better! I had huge doubts! But honestly…I have had no shakiness, or other side effects. I actually crave water, which is great, rather than forcing myself to drink it. Another thing, that you might not believe…in the 4 days of taking it, I have also stopped smoking!!! I had no intentions to stop, at all…but I just found that, I really couldn’t even bring myself to think of having cigarette. Mythinz also lasts the entire day, and like the thinz original, if I don’t take it early in the morn, I can’t get to sleep at night. So impressed with this, I never thought, I would stop using thinz original, until now…
Thanks a lot for all your advise and help Subject: You’ve got feedback Hi Trisha I had to smile to myself when I saw this on yr website. I also tried this Ally stuff. Had to get it from USA well what a waste of money. It made you poop but did not take my appetite away at all. I ate like a Gannett and I felt like a rag doll. No energy and had to stop because if I just wanted a laxative, and that is what it is. I could buy some at Tosco at £2.50 and not $65. Like I paid back then. I am placing my order today for MyThinz regular. Still the best. Thanks and have a grand day Cindy

Hi Trisha ‘N Boer maak ‘n plan” …. Jis maar jys slim Net ‘n SA girl kan aan so iets dink. Goeie idee, om jou eie product te maak. .. Maak dit so bietjie makliker vir ons ietwat plomp meisies hier in die UK te survive! .. Dankie man Groete Wilma

you’ve got feedback New Feedback Comments: I just thought I would write to thank you for the speed with which you sent my order yesterday. I used to order Eetless directly from SA and thought that I would never be able to find something similar again when they re-classified. I have been trying unsuccessfully on my own for the last year and thought I would have one last attempt to find a similar product when I came across your website.
Thank you for being there and I look forward to trying the other products that you have once my first order has started to work. Zoë

Subject: RE: You’ve got feedback Morning Trisha Hope you had a great holiday. Thanks for the link to the wedding photos. You look great as always. Thanks for the new MyThinz. Trish I think I will keep taking them. They are great and do not give me the shakes. And I have just as much energy if not more than what I use to have taking eetless. You are right. It’s a much better tablet. I do not feel dead in the morning the way I use to feel with eetless Keep up the good work Marie

Hi Trisha, Hope all is well, Just some feedback for you, I have been taking your MyThinz, which were great, until I saw that you had some of the original old thinz in stock, because I had never taken them before and heard so much about them, I decided to try some and placed an order via my friends account Alias. I found that your MyThinz were much better than the original old thinz, I still felt hungry with the original old thinz, I took them for a week but found they did nothing for me at all, so imp back onto your MyThinz 60mg. I have taken them now, for around two months and probably due to get some more this month. Is there anything I can do to get rid of my craving in the evening?? Kind regards sauna

Hello Trish Well, my fingers had scarcely left the keyboard after e-mailing you, when the postman arrived with my order! Apologies for harassing you. Your service is outstanding to say the least. I’m glad I returned to you. As for my trial period on “my thinz” the first two days I could feel a slight similarity to “eetless” and “obese”. Nevertheless they definitely help; hence I have now placed an order for more. I notice that you also have other S.A products, which I have earmarked for my next order. Kind regards’; ‘’ How are you keeping? Thank you ever so much for your prompt service and sending me the sample MyThinz diet tablets, you were right the first tablet made me feel rather strange, hot and cold. But I persevered with them and have no side effects while taking them. I have one in the morning after my yogurt or bowel of porridge. At lunchtime I tend to have a bowel of soup with 2 pieces of nimble toast or a salad if it’s a bit warmer and then nothing until dinner times. These diet tablets are amazing and better than the Thinz I used to take, as they would make me feel hot and cold all day. I have not experienced any cravings like I used to and this will help me to keep off the chocolates and chips I sometimes used to nibble on, as working in an office we always seem to have plenty of supplies of biscuits and nice nibbles and every time I get offered one I can say no with confidence as I don’t have those cravings for something sweet anymore, you know the afternoon dip feeling when one needs a ‘pick me up’. All I do is go make myself a hot cup of tea with a couple of sweeteners. And I have been drinking allot more water than I used to. I will be placing an order with you shortly. Once again thank you for your excellent support, advice and service. Kind Regards Lynette